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Brevard lawyer detained in Ecuador after skipping town before grand theft trial

A Brevard County lawyer accused of stealing big money from his clients has been arrested after disappearing two years ago before his trial.

The search for disbarred attorney Albert Scott Lagano ended this week in Ecuador, largely through the persistence of the bail bondsman who helped Lagano post bond on grand theft charges.

Ed Williams of American Bail Bonds hired a private investigator to track Lagano through Central and South America for a very long time.

“I think he thought he was gone, he was home free,” said Williams.


Following his arrest in Ecuador, U.S. marshals brought Lagano back to the United States, where he’s being detained in Miami.

Williams said the relief wasn’t just about Lagano’s $150,000 security bond. He said it was personal.

“Picking up bail skips is the No. 1 thing I do,” said Williams. “It’s the best thing I do.”

Lagano has two criminal trials pending in Brevard County. In one case, a North Carolina man provided Lagano with more than $68,000 to handle an estate.

In a separate case, Lagano is accused of racketeering and 11 counts of grand theft for allegedly taking deposits from clients who intended to buy real estate that was never built.

Now that Lagano is back in the U.S., both of his criminal cases will resume.





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